by madiniven

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are literally taken back in time?

I’m talking time travel ya’ll.

No, not really.

Just a moment ago, I was sitting in my living room listening to Pandora and the song How He Loves came on. I was singing along to it and near the end the singer began to sing the lyrics “Heaven meets earth like a…” and I paused. I waited to see if he would sing “sloppy wet kiss” or “beautiful kiss” or whatever other version of that lyric there is.

AND then. I had my moment.

I wasn’t literally taken anywhere. I’m not a weirdo.

But I did begin to reminisce. I thought of Belize.

At a youth service in Belize, a huge group of us (Belizeans and Alabamians) were singing to God. We sang the song How He Loves. In that moment, in a totally different country, we joined with people we had just met and sang about God.

I know it doesn’t sound extraordinary. BUT IT IS.

I hate it because I cannot describe in words the absolute awesomeness of singing about God with people from another country…in their country!

It’s just eye opening to see how BIG God is.

He isn’t just in America. He’s in Belize. He’s in Indonesia. He’s in China. He’s everywhere.

People ALL over this world are singing to him and worshiping him.

And that is mind blowing.

BELIZe (Photo by Kenzie Greer)