The dots.

by madiniven

I am in the middle of the story of Moses.

Of course most people know that the story of Moses is about how the Israelite people were in bondage and slavery to the Egyptians. AND God used Moses to  set them free.

BUT did you know that the Passover originated during that time?!

I was reading through Exodus and I came across why the Passover originated… it was really a way for the  Israelite’s to praise God because they were FINALLY going to be free from the many years of slavery.

And after I read that, I began to connect the dots.

In the New Testament, Jesus celebrated the Passover right before His death on the cross and then resurrection three days later.

Jesus’ death and resurrection insured our freedom from the bondage of sin.

I just think it’s cool how the Passover showed the Israelite’s that God was going to free them; and then hundreds of years later Jesus celebrated the Passover and then freed us.