Grandmother Bradley

by madiniven

Grandmother and Granddaddy Bradley.

Every time anyone would walk into their house, they would make you feel like you were worth a million dollars. Grandmother Bradley would always ask me and De to perform for her. After our awesome show, she would clap and make us feel like we were on the moon. She made sure any and everyone that walked into her house felt loved.

I was reading the beginning of Jeremiah tonight and I stopped on one verse and just stayed with it for a while.

Jeremiah 1:5 “I knew you BEFORE I formed you in your mother’s womb.”

I sat back and meditated this verse for a couple of minutes.

Before I was even created, God knew me.

He KNEW me.

It’s not like a, oh you are facebook friends with this person… so you know them..

but like God knew me before I took my first breath.

Sometimes I think that I put God in a far away box because I don’t get him.

I get scared because I think of him as a huge God that doesn’t really care…

but then I read Jeremiah and I’m like… wait.

You Know me?

You really know me?

Better than my mom and dad?

Better than I know myself?

And I think of Grandmother Bradley and how she made me feel so loved.

And that’s the way God is.

God isn’t far away.

He’s up close and personal.

He loves it when we come and say hello.

He laughs when we are silly


He knows us.

AND that’s crazy because their are like billions of people on this planet,

but that just makes God even cooler.