Hope’s Story.

by madiniven

Hope, my brother’s girlfriend, told me the crazy/awesome story of why her parent’s named her “Hope”. So, I asked her if I could share it here.. and she said yes!!!

Hope was about to be born. Her parent’s had already chosen the name “Hannah” for her. While they were waiting for their little girl to be born in the hospital, the doctor told Hope’s parents that she would not survive and ultimately would be delivered stillborn. Her parents didn’t back down, even though the doctor had told them that their baby wouldn’t make it… they stood their ground and  persisted on having her. Hope said that her dad just knew that they had to try, even when all odds were against them. They went on with the delivery and Hope was born a healthy baby. She proved the doctors wrong. Her parent’s decided that the name “Hope” was a better name for her. (and she looks more like a Hope, anyways.. hehe!)

I love Hope!

and I think her story is really cool!!