Tonight’s experience.

by madiniven

Nights like tonight make me realize how important my family is.  I watched my family come together and pray. I’ve seen this type of prayer only once before.  The type of prayer that makes your eyes water, the prayer of a desperate family.  My last post was written for a family member, who is really sick.  Something about the prayer tonight was cool.  It’s a different kind of prayer to me, because its a type of prayer that I and many others want to see a sickness be removed.  A prayer for healing, complete healing.  I don’t know, tonight we prayed because we want to see God move.  There were so many people praying, and I know that something is going to change.  It’s just cool to me that we prayed, we came to one place and asked for God to move. I know He’s going to.

God, You’ve got to do something.  I know that sickness isn’t your plan for him, heal.. remove this disease.