Not now, don’t do it.

by madiniven

Come on my friend,

Don’t act this way… don’t live life like it’s a party and you’re there to stay.

I’ve never seen you like this, come on now..don’t do this..

Stay strong, don’t fall under the pressure.

He has not forgotten you..He never will.

Come on buddy,

You can do it, don’t let the stream sweep you away.

Let your strength be found in the Giver of life and love.

Life has pain

I know…I know this pain has overtaken you.

Come on now my pal,

Stand strong….pain won’t last forever.

Don’t fall back to your old ways….they are no good.

You, my friend, are going to make it.. i know you will.

God is for you.

You shall make it through the tough times.

i love you buddy.