So I’ve seen.

by madiniven

I’ve noticed some things.

Many people who I go to school with know who God is…obviously, haha I go to a Christian school.  But today, during chapel worship.. it clicked.  They KNOW about God, but most don’t have a relationship with God. There is a huge difference between knowing about God.. and like really knowing him.

This one girl today talked about the rapture and how we don’t know the date… she knows about God… but does she know him?!

It’s so crazy, like they know there is a God.. but they don’t have a relationship with him.

Its like knowing about a movie star.. you may know EVERYTHING in the world about him or her (to the point of being creepy) but without meeting them and forming a friendship.. you REALLY don’t know him or her.

I just don’t understand it, they are so close.. they get that there is a God.. but they don’t know him. I know I keep repeating myself.  It’s like these friends of mine are deceived. The enemy is so sneaky.

So I’ve seen this, but what am I going to do?  What can I do?