School stress.

by madiniven

Today I was sitting at my lunch table and my friend Katie said something that really has made me think.  She kept saying that this school year seems so different, like there is a ton of anger.. I don’t know how to explain it.  There is like a sense of anger in the air.  I told her we need to pray about it, like ask God for peace.  Our school needs God’s peace.


My school really needs you.  My friends need you, we need you God.  Stress is weighing down on us students and we need you..we need your peace, your love.  Let my friends recognize who you are.  I’m tired of people being mean to each other,  Father.. help me love the kids that no one likes.  I’m tired of seeing my friends and classmates not being loved.  I want to do something.. I’ve got too.  God, I’ve got to forget the labels put on my classmates. I want to love them the way you do.  God do something in my school.