I’m loving this.

by madiniven

I was riding in the car..and I had this extremely crazy thought.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about the time Jesus was at a wedding and the family ran out of wine. So Jesus turned water into wine.. and the best wine was served last.

The wine went from good, to bad.. to the best served last.

This thought may make sense.. hopefully it will.

I’ve noticed.. as I’m sure everyone else in world has too, that times are tough.  Like money isn’t coming in, the economy is on a backslide and well.. its no good.

I feel like the best has yet to come. God.. sees that we are going through a tough time, he hears our cries for help. But you see the best is yet to come.

Like when Jesus was as the wedding and the family started freaking out because they were out of wine… that’s sort of the way we are. Life’s not great and we are all looking for someone to change our bad luck around. God is the changer. He can take something so bland and lifeless and turn it around.


Trust in God with all your being, the best is yet to come.