by madiniven

I had a thought tonight at my friend’s house.. but I know that if i write it out the way it’s in my mind.. that it will sound really dumb, so I’m gonna approach my thought differently.

There was this old man that was labeled by a crime he committed a long time ago, and well it made me think. What if we were labeled by our sins? How much would that stink?!?!

I’m positive that all of us have done stuff that we’d rather not be labeled by.  I just think that God is a no-label type of God.  I, for one, am pretty glad it is.  When we mess up.. he still loves us.  I mean, we see his love portrayed through Jesus when Peter denied him three times. Jesus didn’t label him as sinner or a liar. He loved him.

I have something to learn from this. Tons of new kids have come to my school this year.. and they have already been labeled. A few as the druggies, some as the people who party on the weekend, some have been labeled fake, etc. I don’t want to read the labels that have been pretty much stamped on their foreheads.. I just want to love them. It’s gonna  be hard because some of the new people I honestly don’t like.. but I’m gonna do it anyway.