something cool.

by madiniven

I haven’t written in a while and I guess I just want to share something cool that happened tonight.

We had Edge tonight. Edge is like a core group of youth people who meet at my youth pastors house.. so yeah. We usually pray and do stuff like that, but tonight we did something pretty cool. Pastor Jeremy played the guitar and we sang.  The crazy cool thing was.. that we didn’t try to impress each fact everyone just sat down, closed their eyes and sang.  It wasn’t like a regular worship thing.  I’m so used to all the flashy lights and praise music that I forget how peaceful and awesome it is to just chill with a bunch of pals and sing to God.  It sounded beautiful. I think that so often we have these half hour worship services and they are so planned.. that we forget that we can just rest in God’s presence. Rest in his presence with no schedule and no distractions.  I really think that you should do it.. with your family or maybe even just by yourself…because sometimes you need alone time with him. So yeah. I know this wasn’t much of a awesome life changer post.. but just thought I’d share it.