by madiniven

Tonight I sat in the back seat of my brothers car as we drove home. I looked out the window.. and if my brother hadn’t always mentioned  that his windows were covered in Rain-X, I wouldn’t have noticed this.

But the rain drops began to literally slide off of his windows. His car was covered in water repellent. It was fun to watch the drops fall off.

This past Wednesday night at church we had a different type of service. We didn’t do the same ole same ole.  The lights were turned off, the chairs were put in a circular arrangement, and a grand piano sat in the middle of the circle. The only lights illuminating the darkness were candles.

Pastor Jeremy started singing and I looked across the room… I saw people just really getting into the worship. But then I looked near me and I saw many blank faces. Faces that seemed to show no feeling of the presence of God. I just didn’t understand it. I stopped singing and just questioned God.

Why are these people not feeling you. I don’t understand, I see tears on some but then I see hardness. What’s happening? Why can’t they feel you. Why doesn’t your love affect them the way it affects others? I just don’t understand God.

That’s what my thoughts were on the whole night.

But tonight I sort of think God revealed something to me.

It’s not that his love doesn’t change people and flip their worlds upside down. Its that the enemy has slowly put this block on these people sort of like Rain-X does to Ben’s car. The rain that falls down on his car just doesn’t stick or stay. God is pouring his love out onto all of us, but people just don’t want it.

God, remove this blind fold that’s on so many people. Let your love seep past what the enemy has put up. God do something. Remove this wall..tear it down.