by madiniven

NEWton’s First law of Motion: An object in motion will *remain in {motion} unless *acted upon by an unbalanced force.  An object at rest will remain at (rest) unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

I have been thinking.  While cleaning my room and listening to music, I began to think.. what if someone could stop God. Like what if their was a person in the world that could stop him. How terrifying would that be?  I believe we would all be living in fear..or at least I know I would. The world would be in chaos if God himself said “One day a man or woman will rise above my power.. and stop me from being God.”  I don’t know, people would being trying to stop Him. But then I realized God is unstoppable.

He is going to remain in motion forever. No object will act upon him, and stop him. He is forever in control. The enemy has no power over God, our government has no power over Him, our world’s got nothing on Him.

He is awesome, and I love that God is in control.. nothing can stop him. Nothing can stop his love for us, nothing can separate us from Him.