Never look away…You are called.

by madiniven

Life isn’t fair.

Yesterday, I sat down at lunch with my mom.. I looked over to the right of my table and saw him.  I didn’t stare. I just simply looked away. The guy had something wrong with him. The muscles in his neck were not strong enough to fight against what ever sickness he had.. so his head would twitch violently. Then I saw that his whole body seemed to have the problem. He looked helpless.  He couldn’t control what was happening to him. He was my dad’s age.. I couldn’t imagine my dad having a disability. It was sad, but I didn’t see this helpless man just so my heart could ache to help him..but do nothing. I am called.

I’ve got to do something about it. I can’t heal him. I have no money so the doctor can look at him, I could have just stared at him and given him pity..but no, that’s not the way I roll.

God, I honestly don’t know what to say or how to pray for that guy. He had a disease. Something many people face…he’s not alone. But God.. your such a giving God. You’ve got to do something, intervene in his life.. God heal him. I know some people go through life with a disease.. and no matter how many people pray for him/her the person could never heal. But God… do something. I know their is not a prayer I could say that would make you not want to heal him. God.. don’t you long to touch your children and watch over them?  I know I’m called to pray for people… even people who may not be able to pray for themselves. It was such a sad sight.. but you see his heart, maybe he needs healing from the inside out. I don’t know.