Late night thoughts.

by madiniven

My mind seems to really start thinking deeply right before I go to bed.. and of course I usually forget by the next day. Today I have remembered it.

We have. We trust. We love. We hunger. We are fed.

We are so blessed, when things start to go bad.. we look around at the people closest to us and ask for answers. We trust in too many things. God looks down upon us.. and he longs to say.. “why don’t you trust me, am I not good enough for you?” Our trust is placed in too many things : People, government, jobs, etc.

When the going gets tough.. we turn towards those things. People who feel hopeless don’t run to God and ask for guidance.. they run to those things.  God looks down and says.. “why dont you trust me? I know whats best for you.”

We are hungry for love.  Everyone wants to be loved by someone. People run towards other  people for bad love. God looks down and says… “Why don’t you want my love?”

Our world seems to be in a constant “keep away” from God. We let him get just close enough for comfort.. then we run. something has to change.