Lone Star.

by madiniven

I’ve so often written about God revealing himself to us.. that I’ve forgotten an important point.

Last night at church, one of the youth pastors taught me something that really clicked in my mind. He told us a story about this school and all these kids who went their were really bad and had tons of cliques. So to bring the school together the principal made little small groups (filled with diversity) and the kids had to share something about their-selves.

The sentence had to start out like this… “If you only knew me, then you would know that I….(and the kids would finish the sentence). He told us that it was crazy.. because all these kids never knew anything about each other. Tears were streaming down their faces as they connected with one another.

This brought a big question up in my head. Do we have to sort of reveal ourselves to God? I know God knows everything.. He is the alpha and the omega..beginning and the end. But to grow closer do we reveal who we are to him?

Last night at church everyone was asked to say a simple prayer..

“God if you only knew me.. you would know that I…”

I don’t know if we need to reveal our broken selves to God.. but I think it does draw you closer to him.

So.. why not try it.. say the simple prayer above.. tell God what your fears are or what your going through.