by madiniven

For the past couple of days I’ve been praying, at random places and random times. The prayer that I pray seems so simple to me but has a deeper meaning. One day I began to pray for my school, on my way to Walmart, and it felt good. I was driving a couple of days ago and I passed by this guy at a stoplight. He looked so sad and lonely. So I did the simple prayer again.

“God, do something.”

I know it sounds like one of those prayers people say when a loved one is lost, or when someone is about to die. But I’ve used it as the core of my prayers.

I would say “God do something”, but my thoughts would be taken further. God do something in their life today, don’t let that guy go another hour without seeing you. Let him know you, reveal to him a little of who you are. Let my school see you.. not the “god” that they think you are.. but show them you. Let my school fall head over heels for you. Show us your love.

“Do something…”

I don’t want this small prayer to seem like a challenge to God, like “oh, I bet you won’t do anything.. but I’d love to see it”.. my prayer, I feel like is a cry.

I don’t know.. I just want God desperately to do something, awaken his sleeping children.

“God do something.”