Yes.. I’m ready.

by madiniven

I love lyrics that fit with my mood.

“Yes.. I’m ready to dance upon this barren land. Hope in my hands.”

I was texting one of my friends and the topic of changing the world came up. Our world is so messed up. We want change. We want it so badly, but where does change start?  Does change start when you start caring that little boys and girls are dying all over the world? When your heart feels emotion towards the brokenness of this world? Are you ready for change?

Do you want to help starving, homeless kids? Our world is so empty. Wherever you look.. you see hopelessness. Most people don’t care to have hope.. they live their lives not noticing they are hopeless.  What is hope?

It’s when you wish for something so bad.. that you expect your wish to be fulfilled. You hope.

People are used to the world being messed up, do you want the world to change?

Change doesn’t start when you work up a tear because a child on t.v. is dying. Change doesn’t start when you finally care about the environment. You can’t change this world. This world is rolling down hill, and we cant change it.

We (as humans) can’t do anything to actually change the world. Sure we can make things better for a while.. but it will spiral downward again.


God is the changer! We can’t change the world. But He can. This land.. this world is so barren, so hopeless. If you want to make a change… tell people about a hope that heals brokenness. God is the hope. Let Him be known.