Prayer Exercise.

by madiniven

This post I suppose has turned into a prayer. I don’t think i’ve ever done this.. but set aside ten minutes to do what I’m asking you.. if you don’t have the time right now.. then come back later.. but  I really want you to do this with me.

Read the verse below and focus on the underlined part and make it your prayer for 2-4 minutes.. and then go onto the next part of the verse. You can use mine as an example if you need to. But make the prayer your own. If you  want to share yours to me.. then just comment on this post and let me know it’s your prayer! I love you guys!!! tell me how it goes for you! 😀

Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil… Isaiah 64:2

God rub up against me. Make me uncomfortable. Start sparking my heart. Drag a match across me.. though it may seem painful.. reveal stuff to me. Reveal what I’m doing wrong, God use a match to spark repentance in your kids hearts. Use a little spark of fire start a massive one in our hearts. Let it start it in the people that don’t matter to anyone. Use the broken-hearted. Let your love be the spark that changes us. God.. this is the cry of many hearts! Use us. We want to be used by our Savior. You are pure and holy and do all things right.

Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil… Isaiah 64:2

Stir our hearts. Let your spirit move in your people.. let us see your faces. Turn us from our jacked up ways.. I see so many people that our messed up.. but they just need you.. you are a fixer of what the enemy destroys! I thank for that.. you do make all things new!!! Start a fire in us… let your spark start something in us.. let our hearts long for more of you. God awaken us. Let this fire awaken us!!! Like an alarm in the morning.. awaken our spirits to you! Start it God.

Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil… Isaiah 64:2

God.. do not let this fire in our hearts that  you are making burn out. Start something deeper, something that last. Make your spirit move like a rushing river. LEt us be swept away by your presence. Let our minds want to know you as much as our hearts long to.. make something click. God.. a pot of water with no fire.. is pointless, and same with a fire with no water to boil. You make things go together and you do things perfectly! You are a good God!!

I love you Father.