Under the Influence.

by madiniven

We are all intoxicated.

Something is holding us back, pushing us backwards instead of forwards. We keep going with flow instead of standing up against the current. We are being drowned by it and we honestly don’t care. What are we intoxicated with? What pushes us back instead of forward?

Our culture.

We are slowly but surely being sucked into this ungodly culture. It’s taking over our souls. We are known to go and do what non-Christians do.. then we go to church on Sunday, as holy as can be. Our society sees Christians as hypocrites. And for the most part.. I know a ton of  “Christians” that know that God is real.. but don’t care. It’s sad. I’ve looked at peoples facebook pictures and they are partying it up.. but under their religious status.. it says Christian. What’s wrong with this? This is what Christians are labeled as.. FAKES.

Does this anger you? Does it really? Does it make you sad that we live in such a broken world.. where the only hope is Christ, but people see the way most “Christians” act and they don’t want it.


I think that too often we fall into this intoxication where we don’t care how we live our lives. Everyone sins, and when you get to the point of not caring anymore when you sin.. then somethings wrong.

Push against the current. Be rebellious. Our culture wants us to fail.. they want us to fall down and not get back up. Falling down isn’t the hard part. It’s getting back up. Be a woman or man of God that goes against what our culture labels you as.

Be different. Let people notice you for your love towards all different type of people. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to start showing people Christ’s love.. start it.

Push strongly against the current that so badly wants to see you drowned.

Rob Sperti has a song and one part of the lyrics is.. “I’m caught up in.. caught up in a current. Teach me to swim up stream.”

Let that be the cry of your heart. Swim up stream, don’t live under others influences.