When I listen.

by madiniven

2 Thessalonians 3:3

“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one”

Last night at church something happened to me.  I stood and just listened to the first few songs of worship.. I soaked them in. Then a Rob Sperti song came on and I closed my eyes. I thought last night that I just wasn’t going to connect with God, I know.. I know that sounds awful; but I just wasn’t locking in they way I wanted too. I closed my eyes… I literally locked them shut. I know people say this happens.. but I’ve never really thought much of it. When I closed my eyes… I felt like I wasn’t surrounded by people, I just.. well I don’t know I felt alone. But a good alone, if that makes any sense. I locked in. I felt like it was just me singing to God. It’s really a cool feeling. I knew there were many people around me.. but it’s like when your a little kid and you cover your eyes..thinking that you’ve disappeared from everyone else.

I googled what “Faithful” means. I like the first definition that came across my screen, it read..

Faithful: Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal.

I love the word devoted. I feel like when I hear the word devoted.. I see a scene of a princess about to be hurt but at the last second a devoted knight comes and saves her. I still have a child’s imagination, I suppose!

God is a devoted God. He is a protector. The enemy is against you.. God is for you.

I have this devotional, and it’s made where everyday I’m supposed to read a couple of bible verses.. then a story that goes along with the verse. A devotional is an everyday thing, a book that when you read it.. you think about it hours later when your eating a big mac.

God thinks of you so often.

I felt alone last night.. but I just can’t write in words the right way I felt. I felt alone in the sense that it seemed like no one was around me, but I felt God. I wasn’t alone..

Yet…God will be with you when you do feel alone.

He is so faithful.