I can’t concentrate…

by madiniven

As you can tell by the title, I seriously cannot concentrate. I have my Ipod plugged into my ears blasting Hillsong, but it can never be loud enough to take out all the distractions around me. Gosh, I’ve got to lock in. I’ve had this certain thought for so many days.. and I would’ve written it sooner but my internet has been down for quite some time! So here it is!

I have heard so many depressing stories recently. Stories about people losing their jobs, their houses, money, and just a bunch of other stuff, that’s well… sad. I’ve really just lost my train of thought. D: this is no good, I’m turning my music off.

Okay, I’ve heard all these stories and when I hear them.. it’s like a little thought pops in the back of my head… It’s God saying  “Do you trust me?”

There are tons of people that I know who are just going through a rough patch.. the economy is just tearing these people to pieces. But when I think of all these people.. I know that God is watching what they are going through.. and I have a feeling he is quietly whispering to them.. “I know you can handle this.. you think you can’t.. but do you trust me?”

That question..”do you trust me?” is a hard one to answer. Do you trust God when things are going peachy keen and swell? Of course you do.. it’s easier to trust Him when things are going great. But here is a harder one to answer.. Do you trust God when your world is falling apart? Do you trust him when you lose your house and your car? Do you trust him when no one treats you right? Do you trust him when a family member is in an accident? Do you trust him?

I think that people put too much trust (emphasis on TOO) into things that really don’t matter. I know that money is a vital thing in life..but when too much trust is put into money.. then the trust you used to have in God decreases a little.. or a lot.

Trusting in things that get you through life is okay.. but when you count on it too much.. then God sees it. I don’t think that God wants to see us crash and burn because our trust is elsewhere. But what if God is letting things happen in peoples life’s.. such as losing a job or money.. so that their trust will have to be put in him.

I know this is a random verse.. but I am a random verse type of person!

Ephesians 6:10-11

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

I guess this sort of does go with it.. when you feel your trust is going elsewhere, put on the armor of God.. The enemy loves seeing God’s children crash and burn.. but stay strong. Trust in God.