<3 Love Jesus <3

by madiniven

What is love?

Tonight my family did a small sort of devotion, and then my dad asked us a question. I’m sorry to say I can’t exactly remember what the exact words were. It went something along the lines of this.. “What is a goal you have set for yourself?”

My sister,Steph, said a goal she had for herself was to be whole. She described her pastor’s wife as someone she looked up to, a woman who has a relationship with God, she loves everyone and loves God. She walks the walk.

I wish I could love people. I do love my family and friends, but something in me doesn’t have the same love for a stranger as I have for one of my siblings. I have started using this tactic that someone told me, I look at all these people the way that God does. I try not to look at them in a judging, rude, hateful manner.. I see people differently when I think of them simply as children.

I want to love others. I don’t, but I desperately want to show them love. What is love? I guess it’s just showing someone that they are cared for. I wish everyone loved everyone.  I asked my youth pastor, Jeremy, how do you love someone that you don’t like?  His reply was simple.. a little too simple if you ask me. He said love Jesus.

So, simply love Jesus. I suppose everything else will fall into place.

God, I love you. I don’t love everyone like I am supposed too, help me.

PEace! ❤