Melting away….

by madiniven

Worship. I love it.

Tonight at youth, we sang this song… a song I never really gotten into; of course.. until tonight. The lyrics were simple and true.

“Everything comes alive in my life as I lift you higher.”

I sang these words.. and meditated on them. I love the idea of things coming ALIVE when I dig deeper into Christ!  My imagination went wild as the words went across the screen… I imagined a dark looking world, a dead world… like in the winter. I imagined that as my spirit, cold and sad. But once the beautiful pursuit of Jesus begins.. My “world” (aka spirit) became alive. Things began to change.. I imagined it like the movie.. The Chronicles of Narnia.

I love that idea.. of things becoming alive in my life. It’s exciting.

I’ve realized tonight.. that I can’t possibly put things before God.. and still have a deep relationship with Him.. it seems impossible. When I life God higher in my life though.. things are going to change.

I know this is a short post.. but i just wanted to share my thought with you.