Ciao (Meaning)- hello, goodbye

by madiniven

The glitch.

I have been playing this one certain game… for the past month or so, and every time I try to beat it.. I die. It’s quite frustrating. One of the many times I was attempting to beat this game.. a glitch happened, a very unfortunate glitch might I add. The glitch made my little character “man” run straight towards his death.. and every time I would try to go the opposite way the little “man” would fight against me and be eaten. No, it’s not a graphic game..just a simple 1990’s sort of game.

I feel like I’ve been in a glitch lately.  I really want to write inspiring stuff, but this there is a glitch in my system…making me lazy.

I have to say I hate being lazy. The lazy glitch has gotten a hold of me and I’m going to start to fight it. Starting with a schedule..maybe a bed-time too.

I talked to one of my brother’s German friends today on facebook.. and at the end of our conversation, he said “Ciao”. I had to google what that meant and as you can tell by the title it means.. hello and goodbye.

What if God just said.. hello and goodbye when ever He wanted too?

What I mean by that is, what if God just left our side whenever He felt like it?

Sometimes I just get fearful. I hate the word fearful.. because its like being full of fear.. which is what God never intended. Sometimes I do get fearful and then I think.. why the heck am I being fearful God is by my side.

I believe a glitch can happen is our minds where we think that God isn’t with us, or that he doesn’t care about us..

The truth is God loves us.. me and you. No stupid glitch can ever take that away.