by madiniven


I mourn for the young girl who died.

I cry for her family, who lost their daughter. I wish everyone could live a long life.. and pass away in their sleep and be with You forever. I read and understand the shock people feel and I also feel sad. I don’t know her; but I do remember seeing her one time, in fourth grade. Her life was too short.

Death is such a sad thing for us. I know my thoughts are as small as mere ants compared to your deep thoughts and I cannot nor do i think i will ever understand death. We mourn when someone dies… and sometimes You are joyful to see one of your kids coming home, but death can be a sad time for you too.. right?

She was only a year older than me, her death wasn’t in vain though. God bring people to You..let people know who you really are through her passing.

R.I.P. Porcia

PEace be with your family.