A kid’s life

by madiniven

I have to admit, I love seeing the “inner-kid” come out of people at my school. Today was my last day as a sophomore, I as of next year will be a junior. Life has flown by quite fast.

But.. enough of talk of life zooming by, so today the juniors had a huge end of the year water balloon fight. Soon enough…  ninth and tenth grader’s (plus a few teachers) got in on the action. It was funny..one junior..a firefighter wanna be.. had a water hose and was squirting innocent by-standers, but the amusing part wasn’t how he was getting people wet. It was his face.. he looked like an excited kindergartner. Then as I looked around.. everyone seemed to have the same silly look on their faces. No one was trying to impress anyone.. we were just having fun.

I hate how the world has set this example of to fit in you have to impress people. Everywhere I look people are desperately trying to be liked by someone that doesn’t care about them. People this day and age can be so fake. I just wish everyone could have a kindergarten outlook on fitting in.

In elementary school, kids don’t worry if they wear the right clothes or if they listen to the right music… younger kids don’t care about pointless things like that. These little kids act who they are.

Have a kindergarten outlook on who you should be. Find yourself lost in God and who He is, not lost in pointless things that will soon fade.