You are not forgotten…

by madiniven

My sister’s wedding + Five inch heels + Playing three hours of non-stop tennis = Me being exhausted.

My other sister, De, is playing her guitar in the back ground right now; after such a tiresome weekend.. her music is lulling me to sleep. Not to fear, I will hopefully finish this post before I doze off.

Life seems to fly bye. You can ask any parent with an older child. Kids grow up fast. My sister, Alex, just got married yet to my dad and mom.. she’s still their little girl.

I keep thinking about martyrs. (God what do you want me to say.. i feel like you keep putting this thought in my head.. let it blossom.) They are so strong… yet forgotten. I haven’t given much thought to the people that have lost their lives in the name of Jesus Christ… I know God is their strength… but what keeps these people, from going mad? I can’t imagine being tortured to death, due to my faith.

I want a martyr-like faith.

Don’t you want such a strong relationship with God, no matter what curve-balls life throw at you, that Christ will be a solid which you’ll stand?

There is the old hymn that says..

“On Christ the solid rock I’ll stand, All other ground is sinking sand…. all other ground is sinking sand..”

I want a solid faith… a faith in God that will not be forgotten.

Martyrs are awesome.