Mountain (Dew)…

by madiniven

Today is my older sister’s birthday..she just turned eighteen.. so.. Happy birthday De!:D

Hmm… so today, I think I will talk about the Bible.

The Bible has often been referred to as a map or guide for our lives.  But what is the bible to you? Is it just another decoration in your house..(yes.. I know people who use Bible’s as decoration) or is it covered with dust in one of your closets?

I just don’t think the reason why God chose so many people to write His Word.. was so He could have His name written in a book. I love how the Bible is in book form though, but there is power in the Word of God.

It’s like if you open up a can of some energy drink… but never drank it. When you open your bible… soon… I want you to absorb it. Be a sponge when you read what your Creator has written for you. God didn’t write this extremely long book for history purposes.. like it’s here for you.