I can’t think…

by madiniven

I asked over thirty people today the same question… and from this question I got many different answers… and a few strange looks.

My friend and me have to do a project for our bible class and the question we asked so many people was… “What do you think worship is?”

I think it sort of shocked people that we were asking them a question related to God.. like I could tell some of the high schoolers felt uncomfortable.. but honestly… the best answers that I got were from the middle school kids.

I’ll share a few of them…..

“I think worship is showing our appreciation and respect to God..” ….. A few of the middle school girls used what my youth pastor had said in chapel…”Worship is my response to how awesome I think God is” …… and then my two favorites were….  “Talking to God in singsong?”…. “Umm…. worship is.. worshiping God.”

When I think or hear the word worship… I think immediately of singing praise to God… which worship is… but there has to be something deeper than just singing to God..

Worship doesn’t just happen in a service at church.. it can happen anywhere… Worship all-in-all is giving God the glory that He deserves. So.. if your at the hospital and one of your relatives was sick.. but God healed him… then you praise God with thanks… when ever you praise GOd for what He has done or is doing… your like worshiping Him..

One of the teachers that answered our question.. said that worship was getting lost in God.When you get lost in God.. I think you forget about everything around you and your soul has this urge to just simply praise God for who He is.

I liked making people think about God…