Don’t let your love grow cold….

by madiniven


There are millions of them in the sea.. and on the seashore. I’ve never thought of seashells the way I just did a minute ago…but seashells are literally everywhere.. and most of the time when I’ve found them they are broken and ugly..

But when a person who makes necklaces or an artist… sees those ugly, messed up shells… they see past the broken,fragmented view that we see… they see a piece of jewelry…or art..

What makes one certain type of person see past the outside of something or someone and instead see what potential the thing has?


Love has to be part of the answer..why, you might ask? I guess because true love is patient and kind and doesn’t give up. Love cares more for others than oneself.  Godly love sees past mistakes and gives hope for what God has in store for a person’s future.

When you see someone who is battered and crushed…look past their mistakes.. in the words of Sara Groves.. “Don’t let your love grow cold…”