14 Excuses…

by madiniven

What are some excuses that you’ve heard when you ask someone to church?

I know this is kind of sad… but I’ve only really invited two people to church. One time I invited one of my closest friends in eighth grade… she told me that church just wasn’t her thing.. and that I should ask another friend.. The second person that I’ve asked.. was my neighbor.. Sam.. He’s a two years younger than me… but I feel like he’s sort of a little brother to me.. I rarely see him.. but many times I’ve asked him to come and even offered a ride.. he’s simply said.. my mom won’t let me go.. or my mom doesn’t like that type of church. I’ve gotten quite frustrated at him.. I just want to literally push him into my parents van and say… dude your coming to church. I see it in his face.. he wants to go.. he needs to go… but as Pastor Jeremy said… it’s the fear of the unknown and unexpected.  Bad fear makes me mad.

How should you pray against excuses?

I should pray that God removes the excuses and the fear behind the excuses.