War Paint….

by madiniven

God.. I feel like you want me to tell someone a specific thing on my blog.. write through me. – amen.

“Be Afraid”… was written, in bright blue duct-tape, across my friend’s homemade powder-puff shirt. We, being sophomores, had to play against the juniors in a game of flag football. We played tough.. and in the end defeated the girls in the junior class!  My team was so worn out… but before we could even get a breather… the referees called us back onto the field.

We were glad for a good win… but another “battle” awaited us.

Why did I put battle in parenthesis??

Because when we got onto the field.. the senior girls were… well, scary looking. They had war-paint on their faces…like I seriously thought they were going to start throwing spears at us… not literally, but I’m trying to make a point here…

I honestly don’t think my friend’s homemade shirt scared them… all in all… we lost the game.

I think that most of the times when I am faced with a spiritual battle… I give in too soon. I see the enemy standing there… with his war paint on.. and I just get intimidated.

I think this post may have been written for me…I feel like God is trying to say that I can’t give up… He’s waiting for just the right time to give me a energy boost.

I guess it’s the same thing as this… if there was a runner running a marathon, who was so tired..so worn out… and he was nearing the finish line.. but you could tell he wanted to stop.. what would you do?

Would you push him forward? Tell him, he is so close and not to give up…? Or would you let him stop where he was and not let him accomplish what he so badly needed to?

I guess this is the way God is with us… He is gently trying to nudge us forward in our relationship with Him… never letting us stop.. He’s awesome.