You foot tapper…you..

by madiniven

The beater.

There used to be a kid in my class, who would always make a beat… he would tap his pencil on his desk and nod his head. In that same class, there was a girl.. who sat right next to the beater.. she would always get annoyed with the tapping sound. I wish you could have seen the look in his face when she would tell him, in a loud tone, to stop it!

Day by day he would make a cool beat, and day by day she would tell him to stop.

He doesn’t drum on his desk anymore.

I know what your probably thinking… I would have told him the same thing… or I’m glad he doesn’t annoy her anymore!

….But what if drumming was the gift God gave him…

I wrote a paper for my bible class… on the gifts of the Spirit.

I learned that the one gift of the Holy Spirit most sought after… was wisdom.

I also learned that wisdom is kind of like knowing God’s will for your life or someone’s life around you.

Wisdom…. isn’t it crazy…. Solomon, King David’s son, was offered anything he wanted, by God..Himself, and do you know what he asked for???

Wisdom! Like, you think that he would have chosen money or power..but no, he chose to be able to understand God’s will for his life.

I think…no I know, that I want to know God’s will for my life. I want to be used by Him. I want what Solomon asked for.

God’s will is perfect… I think if we all knew God’s will for our lives and for the lives of people around us… we wouldn’t crush people’s gifts.