The window seat…

by madiniven

I see God as a gardener.

When He made Adam and Eve, He placed them in a beautiful garden… a place where growing would take place. He put them in that certain garden, where the weather was perfect and nothing could hinder them and their relationship with God. It seemed as though nothing could ruin there perfect days with there perfect God.

Then as a dark cloud moved over there perfect garden… a snake, that could kill a relationship so beautiful, slithered in. The snake went in where he didn’t belong and destroyed something that was never meant to be destroyed.

The Garden died…with it went an intimate relationship.

God made something so precious. He made a creature that could actually interact with Him… they were His flowers.

A gardener is very particular about their flowers… when gardening a person has to make sure the conditions are good for a certain type of flower to grow.. then a seed is planted.

A seed grows and sprouts up… then it blooms into something so magical… so magnificent…it turns into a flower that the gardener can look at and admire for a long time..

You are a flower.

God made you so precious… even though a snake destroyed our connection with God..

Jesus restored it.