The Ripple affect…

by madiniven

As you can see, I actually do have internet.. which is quite exciting.

I was not going to blog even though I have internet access, but something inspired me.

I decided to go on a walk, the place where I’m at is beautiful… the landscape is filled with trees of different kinds.. and the soft sound of the rippling lake water was peaceful to my ears.

I was walking.. and I came upon these two ponds. Right in between the two ponds was.. a walk way..but not a man-made one.. I just assume that pond used to be large.. but that over time it split into two sides. The right side (from where I was standing) was gorgeous.. it’s water was clean, fish were poking their heads up and it was just a nice pond to look at.. the left side was.. well not too pretty. It was filled with mossy looking stuff and sticks protruding out of the dirty simply appeared to have no life in it.

I kept seeing this bird fly down into the left pond.. trying to catch it’s dinner…but the left side wasn’t going to provide the food that the bird needed to survive. He didn’t catch anything, by the way.. 😉

I had this thought.. “You are not a smart bird… there is a pond a few feet over that is full of fishes for you to catch!”

I think God has the same thought with us.. He is offering us a the best of the best and yet humans.. look over at the dead pond and find it more appealing.

Sin is so appealing. It’s so much easier to go and try to find food in the pond of death than it is to go to your Father.

Idk… I just had a feeling I should share this with you.. it sounded a lot better in my mind than it is written down..