by madiniven

I saw a gnarled,messy possum on the side of the road today.

Road kill, honestly.. is disgusting..not only is it gross to see a dead..bloody animal on the side of the road..but the smell is also nasty.

This blog is going to be kind of short..because I’m not feeling to swell…sinus stuff has got me feeling sick…

Okay… so when born into this world.. we are pretty much going to be labeled as road-kill.

I know your thinking… “What in the world is going on her mind..???”

But…really..we are, life is full of cars that just happen to hit us on our journey… we are hit by hatred,sin,baggage,regret, pretty much anything and everything in life that can hit us…will.

Then.. after life’s “car” so to speak… has hit us again and again.. we are left there for dead.. left to let the vultures eat the mangled mess..

Yeah… this blog is kind of depressing.. but I have a point!

Okay.. if everyone is doomed to get hit.. where is the hope?

I think that God is hope.. who He is.. is hope..

Like.. when Jesus died on the cross.. He didn’t say you weren’t going to get hurt by sin and baggage..because we are humans and we sin.. but He gave us a hope..

No one can live a holy life… sin is our lives equation.. but God gives us a hope that Jesus will heal you from the baggage and sin..

PEace! 🙂