Thunder clap…

by madiniven

I’m still in shock.

I was driving, minding my own business.. when out of nowhere a police car pulled in behind me… that’s when my mom told me to go slow..because I have a clean slate..and no need to ruin it by going a few miles over the speed limit. I don’t know about you..but when a cop drives behind me.. I get paranoid.

So.. I was just driving like five miles under the speed limit.. when the cop actually passed me! I was in shock, and disbelief! I couldn’t believe that he drove faster than me.. so once he was a little ways ahead of me.. I started to speed up to the regular limit.

Deuteronomy 13:6-8

“..And when your brother or son or daughter, or even your dear wife or lifelong friend, comes to you in secret and whispers, “Let’s go and worship some other gods” (gods that you know nothing about, neither you nor your ancestors, the gods of the peoples around you near and far, from one end of the Earth to the other), don’t go along with him; shut your ears…”

I feel like this bible verse was written about some form of peer pressure…. I guess even back then people had to deal with the hard pressures that this world puts on us.

Today at lunch.. it was a girl’s birthday..and usually when ever a person’s friends start singing the Birthday song to him or her..everyone in the lunch room joins in.. but today only about fifteen people sang to her.

I know this story seems random.. but peer pressure is kind of like that… when only a few people do something it’s easy not to join in.. but once everyone is doing the “in” thing.. it’s hard to stay strong.

Life is full of pressure from people to do things that  you and I don’t want to do.

That’s where this verse comes in handy.. it’s saying don’t fall under the pressure that tells you to be cool you have to make fun of God. I think what this verse is saying is.. don’t be pressured to do things and worship things that are no good.

God is like worthy of your praise..