The number 11…

by madiniven

What is intercession?

Praying for someone on their behalf..For someone who has given up hope, or someone who doesn’t know God. It’s like taking a person’s spiritual burden and placing it on your shoulders..intercession changes things. Some people who are sick.. don’t know God.. that’s a time when you take on their burden and like cry out to God..on their behalf.

How much of our prayer time should be spent on interceding?

I’m the type of person where, when I’m interceding.. if something doesn’t happen soon.. then I just give up. But like Pastor Jeremy said.. if God answered everything after one would my faith grow? I guess I just get lazy… I’m honestly not sure how much of my pray time should be spent interceding.. but I know that I need to stop being lazy.. and start entering the land of the giants.. ready for battle.

How do we beat laziness in our prayer lives?

I guess..I need  to stop being lazy and start realizing that my laziness isn’t changing anything.. but my prayers will.