by madiniven

What is the dignity of disclosure?

It’s where God backs out or limits himself from knowing everything about us. So when we pray it’s like He’s hearing us for the first time. I think this is pretty cool.. I, honestly just got kind of excited about being able to talk to God. Usually whenever I pray.. I ask for God to heal something,or fix something, I never honestly pray about just went on during my day..

Why do you think God limits Himself?

I think when God limits Himself… it makes Him seem more personable. Like.. He wants a relationship with me! I think most people have this view on God.. that He is evil and wants us to bow down to Him and give Him all our money. God is a personal God.. He wants to actually know me.. like I’m just one small person in this HUGE universe.. and God limits Himself so we can just talk about what happened that day… and what’s going on in my mind.

Does this attribute of God make you want to pray more or less? Why?

More. I just get this special feeling that God wants to hear me… I don’t know, I guess I can’t really explain it!