Action… or Reaction..

by madiniven

I have been thinking this question since last night…. “How do you lead someone back to God….or to God if they have never had relationship with Him?”

Really… How do I point someone in the direction of God…?

Is it by my actions? What I say…what I don’t say?

What makes an average Joe look at me and say… I want what she has.

Am I an Action? Or a Reaction?

What is an action and a reaction?

Action- Are my actions..(What I do.. and don’t do)..affecting people in a good way around me?

Reaction- Do I react on others foolish actions?

My answers to the two questions above are.. Sometimes.. and sometimes.

I guess the way I act can change a person’s view on God… Let me use an example… What if someone you looked up to for not making fun of others.. suddenly started crackin mean jokes on your best friend.. that would change your view of that person and what he/she stood for.

My actions can cause someone to run to God..or run away from God.

What I do today affects my tomorrow.