by madiniven

Matthew 6:10

“Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Why do we think that God’s will for our lives in bad?

I guess this goes back to my last post.. most people have a messed up view on God and who He really is. The bible says God has plans for our lives not to harm us..but plans to make us prosper! God has an awesome plan for my life.. why in the world do I want my will to be done? So many times.. I have prayed many selfish prayers.. but this petition of the Lord’s prayer shows me what to pray for. Not for what I want.. but for what God wants for me..

Do you know what some of God’s plans are for your life?

I’m not sure.. I enjoy writing about God.. but I don’t know  what His plans hold for me in the future…

Is God leading to an area that you are trying to avoid?

Again.. I don’t know…