by madiniven

I am a wimp.

No, not the type of wimp that cries about everything.

But…I’m weak… like physically. Recently my right arm has been aching really bad. I have finally narrowed down the top two reasons why it has been hurting.. The first reason is that all the fighting i have done to save the world from evil villains.. has finally taken it’s toll on my arm… the second reason is.. in the past few weeks I’ve started to crimp my hair a lot with this awesome straightener.. and the way I’m holding my arm up for the short period of time.. has finally had an affect on my arm.

I guess both of those things have made my arm ache..ha.

I think everyone has a little bit of a wimpy side to them.

I know that if God wasn’t my strength… then I would be spiritually weak.. but lets talk about Easter..

I can’t imagine the pain that Jesus went through. I know He went through physical pain… but for some reason I think Jesus probably went through some spiritual pain too. All of our sins,guilt and shame were put on Him.

I don’t know about you.. but I have extremely guilty conscience, and being weighed down with even the littlest amount of guilt is really hard.

So… when everyone’s sin, like yours, your (future)children’s sin… their (future)children’s sin.. ect. was put on Him.. it must have not felt too well.

But… when all our guilt went on Him like 2000 years ago… it means, that we are now no longer prisoners of our own guilt!

The chains of guilt can no longer hold you down.

You are free.