by madiniven

My teacher was talking to me and a few other girls today… and she was telling us about her trip to Disney World.. and how it was pretty awesome.

Their was something that she said that made my mind think… it isn’t a phrase that usually makes my brain think.. but today it did.

She simply said… “Oh.. and we rode an Airplane to Florida…”

One of my siblings used to call them Arrow-planes when he or she was like three… but that’s kind of off subject.

Okay.. back to airplanes… I started thinking… how in the world does that huge thing get up in the air in stay? It’s kind of cool when you actually think about it.. a plane’s weight can be any where from a couple thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds… and when built correctly they can get people and things from point “A” to point “B” in a quicker amount of time…

I was spending some time with God.. a few minutes ago… and a thought popped into my head.

God wants to take me higher… not literally, but spiritually. I think that when you go higher with God… then the gravity that pushing you down… can no longer do what it wants too… and God’s in control when you go higher.

I’m not even sure what I mean by higher. It’s like God wants to take it to the next level….He wants this relationship to stop being just a quick prayer every now and then.. and only quiet times with Him at church. God want’s to spend time with me.

Okay.. so even though I’ve never experienced it.. Do you know that feeling that you got when you met your first love and your head was in the clouds? And all you ever thought about was him or her?

I think that’s the way God wants it to be with everyone of His children. Like… I really do want God to be the first one I talk to when I wake up and the last one I talk too… when I fall asleep. I want our relationship to go to the next level.

God.. I’m ready for you to take me higher