I am a tree…

by madiniven

I have many favorite trees.

You can ask my mom or dad… every time we drive by one of them, I mention what I like about it and it’s beauty.

It seems like all of the trees that I love.. are all alone. One of my favorite trees is in the middle of a field.. all alone, but it’s so beautiful when it’s in full bloom… and I like the way it looks when the cows lay under it.

Their is another tree, that’s in my neighborhood… but it doesn’t look like it belongs in that particular yard. It’s a very pretty tree, it’s in bloom right now, and the whitish-pink flowers look like they are painted on… but it seems like a tree that should belong in China.. but no, it’s in my small neighborhood…. making it one of my many favorite trees.

I know, I sound like a tree-hugger… but what’s wrong with that?

God made these trees.. and I enjoy their beauty.

Another tree that I like… is all alone in one my neighbors backyard. It’s like two trees… wrapped around each other…twisted into one, it’s such an interesting tree.

I am a tree.

He’s like the wind that is blowing me…twisting me,changing me..

Last night at Edge… we sat in silence…listening to the Holy Spirit. I had these five words stuck in my head…

He is jealous for me.

Jealousy is known to be a bad thing… like don’t be jealous over what someone else has.. but  what about a good jealousy?

God is just, and righteous. So why would He be jealous? I think that jealousy can be a good thing in God’s case… because when God becomes jealous over us… He pursues even harder.

God is jealous for you.

God’s chasing after you like a lion… not to consume you with guilt, or shame… but with love.

I just can’t explain it any different… God like loves us.