9 glasses…

by madiniven

What does praying, “Your kingdom come” mean?

It’s asking God to make Himself king.. over like everything. Over the famine in the world, over the sickness,hatred,over the demonic stuff… it’s asking God to be king over everything. But the cool thing is… when I think of king, I think of a crazy ruler.. who all the people under the king’s reign hate him… but this is totally opposite with God. When God is in control… things are better..

What are some mindsets that you have that tint your world?

I guess.. my mindset is I don’t understand why people don’t see God for who He really is. It tints my world.. because sometimes I get frustrated when people think God has done stuff to them.. when in all reality God loves them and has His arms spread open.. waiting for that person.. waiting to comfort them.

Why doesn’t God just establish His kingdom by force?

I’ve been watching this t.v. show called LOST and on it.. it has kind of a biblical twist, Like this guy named Jacob is the ruler,per say, of this island… and he was talking to another man named Richard…and Jacob was telling him how that he doesn’t want to force people to make the right choices but that a person should know the difference between good and bad. I think this is the same way with God… if God forced everyone to love Him.. then would it be real love? God gives us a choice knowing that we know the difference between good and bad.. but it’s our choice to pray that His kingdom come… when we pray this… we are slowly untying His hands.