by madiniven

I have to get in the zone.

When I write or blog.. I have to cut out every surrounding distraction. I hate to say it… but when I’m in the “zone” and someone talks to me.. I get kind of snappy. It just annoys me. I’m about to put my I-pod earphones in and just write away… Jack Johnson my ears are ready to hear the awesomeness of your voice. 🙂

I want to go deeper.

I hope to one day be like Elijah… I know these hopes are far fetched.. but Elijah had such a deep relationship with God, that one day… he was just taken to heaven. How awesome would that be? I know… when I think this story (2 Kings 2:1-12) of how he was taken up to heaven..

I first think of Elisha..(the person that saw Elijah go up into heaven) and how he must have been sad to see Elijah go.. I think Elisha probably missed him.

But then I remember… Elijah is in heaven… with God!!!

Oh.. how I long to live in perfect peace with my Creator. I wish I could get a glimpse of heaven.. like I’m not sure if I’ m making sense… but what I’m trying to say is, I wish I could go be with God.. for a day…

I want more of God.

I think my longing for a deeper relationship with Him has just like really increased.

I just wish everyday I could sit in presence. I seriously cannot wait until heaven. I read a book that described Jesus and heaven in a really different way… but not the kind of different that is against the bible.. but a poetic kind of different. I really think you should read it…what it said  made me grow closer to God.. I saw God and who He is.. in a different.. better way.

The name of the book is Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn.

I really hope you read it. (P.s. if you do read it 🙂 then talk to me what you think about it)

Well… I know this blog is a bunch of randomness… but seriously read this book.