7 Causalities…

by madiniven

What are some ways that God has limited himself (in the past or present)?

I had a deathly virus when I was a little baby.. and God could have healed me right away… but He didn’t. I think I was in the hospital for three days… and hundreds of people were praying for me. Then.. the doctors said it was a miracle… the RSV went away. God limited Himself and I’m sure the people praying for me gained strength in their faith… when He healed me.

How do you feel about God giving you the dignity of causality?

I think it’s pretty awesome, the God who created the air I breathe, the ground I walk on.. and even me, lets me have value. I think their are pro’s and con’s to this though, when God backs out.. and limits Himself.. and I don’t take advantage of that by praying about problems… then I don’t get to experience what He has in store for me.. and things don’t change – that’s the con. The pro is that when I do take advantage of what God is doing.. then things change… I enter the Land Of The Giants… and I know God wants us to take advantage of the fact that He limiting Himself… but like in this form.. taking advantage of it is a good thing.