No strings attached….

by madiniven


They find information about a certain person,company or even a country…. let me use an example.

I’m a “spy” for the U.S.A…. and I have to go to another country to gain information about their nuclear weapons. I get the information and then I head back to the U.S. to share what I’ve found out.

We are spies.

As  a Christian.. when you first say Yes to God’s plan and No to yours… you become a spy.. sort of.

When I read the bible… I gain information about the Kingdom and what God is… and who He is.. but it’s my job to spread the info that I’ve gathered.

You are a different kind of spy… you learn and gain information, and then instead of keeping what you’ve found to yourself… you have got to tell someone about it!!

I’ve seen the movies where a spy is for one side and against the other…. but you are a spy that is for both sides… I’m saying that you get The Word from the side that you are on… but you aren’t against the other side… in fact as a spy for God… you take what you’ve learned and help the side that doesn’t believe in what you believe.

I’ve had this one song stuck in my head since 6th period… It is “Orphans of God”

“There are no strangers

There are no outcasts

There are no orphans of God

So many fallen, but hallelujah

There are no orphans of God”

This song makes me so happy. It’s saying that people… no matter what background you come from, what color you are, or even if you don’t give a rip about God… that He still loves you.

Be a spy.

Tell people that God accepts them for who they are… no strings attached.