Day 4

by madiniven

What are the three parts that you are made up of?

I am made up of a body,soul and spirit.  If I was asked this question before I read the devotional thing.. I would have said something like… dirt, God’s breath, and a heart?But since the book thingy answered it for me.. I think it’s a good thing that the body, soul and spirit are divided up. I know body is like earthly desires and spirit is godly desires… but what is the soul desire?

If  exercising our spirit is good for us, then exercising our flesh is bad for us. Since flesh is the part of us that wants us to do evil. How do you exercise your flesh?

I sin.

I know everyone sins.. so when I sin.. even when its a tiny little sin… I am still exercising the part of me.. that shouldn’t have any strength.

What other ways do you think exercises your spirit?

I think that talking to God is a great exercise… but I also think writing to God and about Him is a good exercise. Writing on this blog has helped me grow closer to God. Like.. with blogging I don’t feel guilt to blog about God.. I just do it because I’m getting closer to Him. But.. I shouldn’t just write about him… This question has made me think.. Why don’t I pray as often as I write? I don’t know why. But.. I am going too. Lately I have been feeling a nudge in my spirit to pray to God.. in the quiet of my room.. not just at church!!! I want God to strengthen me and my spirit.